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Basic Krav Maga

tony-krav-basicOur basic program includes a wide variety of training. Those techniques include: kicks, punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes, head butts, self defense, footwork, head movement, impact training, and multiple attacker situations.

This program covers 12 weeks’ worth of training, self defense, physical conditioning & information and can be started at any time. It includes the following training:

  • Warm Ups – These are exercises used to accelerate your heart rate and increase your breathing
  • Combatives – ballistic attacks we use to neutralize a threat
  • Fatigue Drills – drills that simulate the energy depletion you feel in an actual confrontation.
  • Defense Tactics – methods we use to deflect, intercept or evade an oncoming attack
  • Awareness Drills – drills designed to develop your reflexes and adaption
  • Knowledge Domains – Information to help us to understand the concepts and principles relating to self defense
  • Self Defense – this is when an attack has been initiated to you and has put you in a position of disadvantage
  • Stress Drills – these drills acclimate us to the sudden shock of being attacked


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