What is muscle tone

Muscle tone essentially means increasing the size and strength of muscles in such a way that your muscle definition increases without looking bulky or huge. Think of athletes and marathoners and the bodies they have, and you will understand what muscle toning is. Toned muscles are nimble, flexible and have a good supply of oxygen, so they do not cramp easily and can be used for extended periods of time without fatigue or burnout.?Toning muscle increases strength and endurance of muscles, while burning fat, so that the muscle tone shows. Krav Maga is a great way to build and improve muscle tone.

How martial arts training at helps tone and strengthen muscles

At the QC Krav Maga training center in East Moline, IL you will experience several distinct types of exercises.? These exercises, along with fatigue drills, get you into great shape and build muscle tone.? Each class begins with a brief warm up that is designed to accelerate your heart rate and increase your breathing. ?Therefore, this type of training helps warm up your body and get you ready for more strenuous training.

Once the warm up is completed you move into combatives training. ?Combatives are ballistic attacks used to neutralize a threat.? Or in other words, you?re going to hit stuff.? In Krav Maga these combatives will include:

  • ?Kicks
  • ?Punches
  • ?Elbow strikes
  • ?Palm heal strikes
  • ?Knee Strikes

First of all you practice your combatives to the air to help you to develop the proper body mechanics.? Next you will practice them on bags.? This type of training help you to develop the power and aggression.? By performing multiple sets of strikes on a bag you challenge your muscles.? Challenging the muscles in this manner increases your muscle strength and tone.? This type of exercise is not designed to increase the size of your muscles although you may see some increases over time.? Increasing muscle helps to decrease the fat in our bodies.? Muscles burn fat for fuel.

How drills in the martial arts helps develop muscle tone and strength

Another way to increase you?re muscle tone is through fatigue drills.? Fatigues drills simulate the energy depletion you feel in an actual confrontation.? Here is where we will take some of the combatives and combine them with some basic exercise and keep you moving for sixty seconds.? The basic exercises include things like pushups and sit ups which allow you to use your own body weight.? ??This is a fantastic way to increase your cardio.? Better cardio allows you to perform more sets of the exercise and thus increasing your muscle.? Increased muscle means less fat, more strength and better muscle tone. ?As you can see, Krav Maga allows us to practice exercises that increase our muscle tone and strength.? In addition to great muscle tone, Krav Maga teaches us self-defense and helps us to develop a Warrior mindset.

For the best results, there must be regularity in training. ?Muscle tone is developed and improved with constant and consistent practice and training.? If you?re looking to increase your muscle tone, lose weight and get into great shape give us a call.? Our instructors here at QC Krav Maga would love to help you achieve your goals.