GET IN SHAPE! Go Home Safe!

Train With Us For A Full Week “On the house”.  Come and enjoy great people and a good workout…

No Matter What…Defending Ourselves

Is Much More Than “Just”

Kicking or Punching

It’s more than common sense, and it doesn’t matter what you wear, where you walk, where you park, or even your physical appearance.

When You’re Threatened…

Learn these “secrets” to immediately control an attackers attention…

Because the biggest mistake is to…do nothing.

When You’re Under Attack…

Learn the “twist”, which lights up your attackers nerve endings…

Learn how to respond so you’re effective, decisive, and able to protect yourself and your family.

When Things Go Wrong…

Life isn’t perfect, and neither is self-defense.

Learn these “dirty tricks” that works on attacker of any size and allow you defend yourself and escape.

Read This Before Going Any Further


From The Desk Of Instructor Anthony Linnabery
East Moline, Il.

Krav Maga focuses on a different kind of response than what’s taught as “martial arts”.

Imagine…No warning, No build up, no expectation – just a total body shock.

You’re under attack, and now you must react…

This is the attack style associated with a “real world attack”, a random sexual assault, and even abduction.

We focus our teaching and training on what to do in these situations (and we have fun doing it too!)

What to do when when you’re grabbed, pushed, or dragged by the wrist or the throat, since these are the most common attacks…

What to do when weapons, a blade or a gun, are added to intimidate or try to “force” compliance…

What to do when an attacker decides to use their physical size or strength to “manhandle” you…

You already know that these types of attacks don’t typically happen in crowded places, so there’s little build up or warning, and begin with a grab or threat, rather than a punch.

You must react aggressively to repel an attacker, and it comes down to 1 thing.

When (if) the time comes, you must…

Be Able To Do It!

Nothing fancy.  Just the stuff that allows you to actually defend yourself.

We teach you that.

What Our Students Have To Say…

When I first started the program I was out of shape and could barely keep up with the workout. Thankfully there is a great training atmosphere and everyone encourages each other all the time. Best of all is that I not only feel more confident in being able to protect myself but I’ve lost weight and I feel great.

Marty J Milefchik

A great place to work out and get your sweat on. The training is designed so that the harder you push yourself the faster you get into great shape. I’ve never left class and not been sweating. The instructors have great attitudes, are very approachable, and they are always willing to help you and answer any questions you might have.

Nick Seibert

I have been taking my 13-year-old daughter, Hollie, to Taekwondo class now for over two years.  Mr. Linnabery has asked me several times over the same two years to try the Krav Maga class and see how I like it.  I finally took the plunge and joined a Krav Maga class. After taking only two classes I am hooked.? I must admit, I am not the “work out in the gym” type of person, but?taking part in just two of Mr. Linnabery?s Krav Maga classes has inspired me to join. Every class is action packed. I encourage everyone to try it. You will not be disappointed.

Perry Rochau

Experience the Krav Maga Difference

Most advice is all focused on how to avoid a conflict, to use “Nike-Jitsu” to escape from a situation, attack the groin, gouge the eyes or other similar techniques.  

But, no assault, attack, or environment is the same.  You need a set of tools that defend in layers…


How you prevent yourself from being vulnerable, or able to be accessed? (How “awareness” can actually make you more vulnerable.)


What you must do when a situation moves toward an attack in order to create space? (Keeping your mind engaged so you can create both mental and physical space)


What techniques you use to respond to an immediate danger?? (Everything taught is:  You can do it, you can remember it under stress, and it really works!)

You’ll learn simple proven tools you can apply at every level

And…you’ll have fun doing it!


2901 19th St., East Moline, IL 61244